Our Story

Wild Dutchman Sunflower Seeds

"Well before starting Wild Dutchman, we were growing and roasting sunflower seeds here on our South Dakota farm. And then we had an idea: Hey, let's share with the rest of the world! They're delicious - a big crunch with just a hint of sweetness that'll have you reaching for more. And they're all natural. From our farm to your table, we're committed to bringing you the best seeds on earth!"
- Tobey (Wild Dutchman)

The plan was hatched for Wild Dutchman Sunflower Seeds on a road trip. While snacking on generic seeds we got to thinking: How could you create a really unique seed? One that the flavor wasn't masked by salt.  

Experimental roasting started as soon as we got home. We shared some with our friends, and word got out: Hey, these are pretty good! A little sweet, not too salty, and a hearty crunch. A Farm Fresh Roasted Flavor.